Rusticate creates Artisan Produce from well loved recipes that started in our family kitchen. They are tried tested and loved by us before we make them available to you.


There is so much love that goes into making our Chilli Oil. Our Home grown chillies from Templestowe come from a seed Dad acquired over 30 years ago. The specific variety is unknown but one thing we are sure of is it packs a punch. All chilli is handpicked, dried, ground and then infused in quality olive oil which is then bottled, ready for you to enjoy on anything from pasta to eggs.  Our favourite way to enjoy this unique oil is drizzled over Mum’s homemade sourdough pizza!


Our Granola recipe focuses on unprocessed whole foods which will nourish your body without compromising on great taste. It is a blend of healthy nuts, seeds and rolled oats. The only risk is that it is so good you won’t be able to stop eating it. Try it on top of banana and greet yoghurt or as a crunchy topping to your favourite smoothie bowl.


Bircher Muesli is delicious and nutritious. All you have to do is soak our mixture overnight and decorate with your favourite toppings. Get as creative as you like! These low GI carbohydrates will help sustain you throughout the day.


Our Citrus Curd is only made when citrus fruits are in season. We love using local fruits ranging from lemon and lime to orange and Meyer lemons.  There is something satisfying about creating such a delicious classic from produce straight off the tree. This curd is so versatile, it can be enjoyed with pancakes, mixed in with greek yoghurt or my favourite, inside melting moments. Check out the best melting moment recipe on our website.